Subscription lifecycle

Navigate the dynamic journey of subscriber engagements with Recurly's intuitive Subscription Lifecycle management.


Subscription Lifecycle within Recurly refers to the various stages and actions associated with a subscriber's tenure. From initiation to changes, pauses, postponements, and eventual expiration or cancellation, this feature offers a comprehensive view and control over the subscriber's journey.

Key benefits

  • Holistic subscriber management: Complete visibility and control over each stage of a subscriber's lifecycle.
  • Adaptable solutions: Easily modify, pause, or postpone subscriptions according to subscriber preferences or business needs.
  • Optimized revenue streams: Minimize churn and maximize revenue through efficient lifecycle management tools.
  • Enhanced user experience: Provide subscribers with tailored options and flexibility in their subscription journey.
  • Streamlined multiple subscription handling: Efficiently manage subscribers with multiple active subscriptions.

Key details

Create subscription

Initiating a subscriber's journey is crucial. Recurly ensures a seamless onboarding process, allowing businesses to set up new subscriptions with ease, complete with preferred billing cycles, pricing models, and add-ons.

Change subscription

As subscribers' needs evolve, it's essential for businesses to adapt. Whether it's upgrading, downgrading, or modifying subscription terms, Recurly provides the tools to make these changes effortlessly.

Pause subscription

Life happens, and there might be times when subscribers need to take a break. Recurly recognizes this need and allows businesses to temporarily pause subscriptions, without ending them.

Postpone subscription

Recurly offers the option to delay the start of a new subscription, catering to both business strategies and subscriber requests.

Expire/cancel subscription

Whether it's the end of a limited-time subscription or a subscriber's decision to opt-out, Recurly provides a straightforward process to conclude subscriptions, ensuring clarity in record-keeping and subscriber communications.

Multiple subscription support

Many subscribers often juggle multiple subscriptions, be it for diverse services or different tiers within the same service. Recurly ensures efficient management of such scenarios, providing businesses the tools to handle, modify, or analyze multiple subscriptions concurrently.