Analytics Overview

Recurly Analytics provide visibility into key business metrics and surface insights that allow you to make better business decisions. This includes managing the account setup; billing and payments, and revenue recovery processes, as well as tracking statistical trends, monitoring subscription trials, and managing conversion rates.

If you open multiple dashboards on your browser and then make updates to the Analytics Settings, ensure that the updates are reflected across all open dashboards by:

  • Refreshing those open dashboards from within the browser
  • Clicking the Clear Cache and Refresh option, in the top right corner of the Actions Area of the dashboard

Using Recurly Analytics

Recurly makes analytics data available from the dashboards where you see calculated details, plan performance metrics, and revenue totals. The dashboards include key performance indicators you can use to determine the state of your business. The data is frequently refreshed, and the dashboards cover the following details:

  • Monthly recurring revenue predictions
  • Net calculations for billing, payments, and refunds
  • Churn, plan comparisons, and plan performance details
  • Recovered revenue and subscriber retention data
  • Active subscribers and account totals
  • Dunning processes and campaigns

You can update your data by selecting the refresh action on any of the dashboard to clear your cache and refresh the data on the screen with the most currently available information. When the data is updated, a date stamp, in a widget at the bottom of the screen, indicates the time of the most recent update.

Using Recurly Dashboards

In order to configure how the data displays on the dashboards, you first need to set up and configure your Recurly account. This identifies your default settings and allows you to specify any additional enablement.
For example, when setting up your account you will designate a default currency. This is the currency that will display on the dashboards as the Primary currency. If you enable multiple currencies, you will have the option to view calculations on the dashboards in your Primary currency or in any additional currencies you may have enabled.

Once the account is set up and in production, Recurly will work with you to import your customer data into your account.

Recurly provides several analytics configuration options to ensure the dashboards display the most relevant data for your business needs. Access to those Analytics settings is only available to users with the “Configurations and Integrations” user role. View more about Recurly user management HERE

The user interface includes actions, filters, and widgets that can help you tailor the data for your specific needs. The dashboards display the data as overall totals at-a-glance, in charts and tables, and as status details. You can select filters to view the data from different perspectives. For example, you can modify date ranges, timeframes, or view plans individually or in selected groups. Filters also are where you would make currency selections, when appropriate. These filters can also be persisted on the dashboard so you can continually return to your filtered information.

You are also able to share dashboards with those in your company by saving them to your larger site folder.

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