Analytics overview

Effortlessly turn your subscription data into actionable insights with Recurly Analytics. Our comprehensive dashboard and report sections give you a 360-degree view of your business performance, enabling you to make data-driven decisions for unprecedented growth.


Required plan

This feature or setting is available to all customers on any Recurly subscription plan.


Recurly Analytics' Dashboards & Reports section serves as your command center for comprehensive subscription analytics. It provides a suite of reporting tools and analytical insights, delivering a broad view of your business performance and the dynamics of your subscription metrics.

Key benefits

  • Data-driven decisions: Empower your strategic decision-making with in-depth and accurate data insights.
  • Subscriber insights: Understand your subscriber behavior, churn rates, and retention trends based on cohorts to identify what products and pricing are performing well.
  • Financial analysis: Dive into MRR, billings, recovered revenue and more to monitor your financial health.
  • Performance overview: Evaluate your trial performance and plan effectiveness for continual optimization.
  • Dunning effectiveness: Analyze the efficiency of your dunning (debt recovery) process for improved results.

Key details


Recurly Analytics offers a dashboard that serves as the command center for your subscription business insights. It provides the tools to build custom reports, understand subscriber behavior, track retention, and analyze churn, ensuring you have the necessary data to make informed decisions.

Built-in benchmarks

Explore Recurly's innovative built-in benchmark reports to compare your key performance metrics against industry peers over selected timelines. Gain insights and enhance your business strategy.


Available exclusively for Recurly Elite plan subscribers, the Explore function is your tailored data portal. It converts raw data into actionable insights, supporting a range of data visualization needs. Explore gives you the power to examine your Recurly data in-depth, from transaction details to credit card information.

Navigation features

All dashboards are designed for intuitive navigation and data retrieval.


The analytics dashboards allow for drill drowns.

Actions (Top right corner)

  • Reload: Monitors your last data refresh for up to four hours. The counter begins at "1m ago", indicating how updated in the data.
  • Hide Filters: Temporarily removes filters visible on the dashboard's top left corner.
  • Dashboard Actions: Provides an assortment of functionalities: clearing cache, refreshing data, downloading dashboard data in various formats and arrangements, and resetting filters.
  • Open Folders: Toggles folders on the dashboard.

General filters (Top left corner)

  • Metric Type Selection: Allows for data viewing by percentage, active timeframe, or churn rate.
  • Date Selection: Offers dropdowns to specify a timeframe and date range, up to the past 18 months, which then reflects on the dashboard.

Filters specific to plans

  • Month Selector: Defines a timeframe and date range for the past 18 months to influence dashboard data.
  • Plan Selection: Incorporates a dropdown for choosing either a top set of plans or all available ones. This impacts the "Plan Name" filter by narrowing down available choices. For instance, selecting "Top 5 plans" restricts the "Plan Name" filter to only these five.
  • Plan Name: Lists plans based on the prior filter's selection.

Cache management:

  • Data Timestamp: Accessed through the vertical ellipse of any widget, revealing the data's last update.
  • Individual Widget Refresh: Clicking the vertical ellipse of a specific widget refreshes its data.
  • Complete Dashboard Refresh: Use the 'Actions' section's vertical ellipse to update the entire dashboard. Data is frequently updated, ensuring accuracy post-refresh.

Utility options (Vertical Ellipses):

Available for both widgets and tables, these ellipses unfold a menu, offering:

  • Data Download & Cache Management: For individual widgets or columns.
  • Column Sizing: To auto-adjust or manually resize columns for better visibility.

Chart interpretations:

Data visualizations span bar, line, and pie charts, often detailing customer metrics, subscription data, revenue trends, etc., over certain periods. Legends assist with color-coded data interpretations.

  • Hover Info: Hover over a chart element, like a point or a segment, to see detailed data for that particular item.
  • Legend Toggle: In the legend, click on a color to show or hide the corresponding data in the chart. This feature helps with focused data analysis.