Subscription Add-ons Export

The Subscription Add-on export contains information about all subscription add-ons created during a period of time. This export only reports on add-ons that are currently attached to subscriptions. If an add-on has been removed from a subscription, the add-on will not be included in the export

Version Change Log

Version 2 - 4/2/2020

  • Column added for External SKU for item add-ons
  • Columns added for Add-On Tier Type and Add-On Total Amount

Time Range Filter

This export displays all ACTIVE subscription add ons on subscriptions activated during the timeframe selected. Uses the subscription activated_at date in the export.

Export Contents

Column NameExampleDescription
subscription_uuid5eg5bcc7ef8211e0a908005056b00005Unique identifier for a specific subscription plan.
add_on_add_on_codeextraCode used to identify the add-on.
subscription_add_on_quantity1Number of add-ons added to the subscription.
subscription_add_on_unit_amount_in_cents500Cost (in cents) of a unit of the add-on
subscription_add_on_created_at2014-01-07 23:54:41 PSTThe date/time the add-on was created. Used for date range filter.
subscription_add_on_modified_at2014-01-07 23:54:41 PSTThe date/time the add-on was last modified.
subscription_add_on_deleted_at2014-01-07 23:54:41 PSTThis column is deprecated and will never populate because the export intentionally filters out add-ons with a deleted_at date.
account_code239485723046981734The account code of the customer whose subscription add-on this is.
add_on_nameVideo StreamingThe add-on name, which will appear on the customer's invoice.
add_on_typefixed, usageWhether the add-on is fixed-price or usage-based. If the add-on is usage-based, you will want to pull the Subscriptions Usage Records export to see the customer's usage.
subscription_currencyUSDThe currency of the subscription, which is the currency of the subscription_add_on_unit_amount_in_cents.
subscription_add_on_percentage4.5The percentage of the subscription add-on if the add-on is usage-based.
measured_unit_internal_nameBandwidth UnitsThe internal name of the associated measured unit, if the add-on is usage-based.
measured_unit_display_nameGBThe display name of the associated measured unit, if the add-on is usage-based. Note this does not describe the subscription_add_on_quantity, which will always be 1 for usage-based add-ons. This display name describes the usage found in the Subscriptions Usage Records export.
external_skuabc123The External SKU mapps to the user-specified SKU of the item that was sold with this add-on.
subscription_add_on_tier_typeflat, tiered, volume, stairstepThe pricing model used to calculate the costs for the subscriptions based on the quantity purchased.
subscription_add_on_total_amount_in_cents1000The total amount for a subscription add on. Useful when pricing model is tiered and you want the combined total for all charges. Usage add-ons are not included in this total.