Plan structure

Design and organize your product catalog with Recurly's robust Plan Structure. Create and manage comprehensive Plans, Add-ons, and Items efficiently. Dive into our guide to unlock its potential.


Required plan

These features are available to all customers on any Recurly subscription plan.


A Plan Structure is a strategic organization of your products or services. It includes defining Plans (recurring products), Add-ons (additional services/products), and your Item Catalog (listing of sellable units). It simplifies the management of your product offerings.

Key benefits

  • Effective product management: Easily define and manage recurring products, add-ons, and sellable units through Recurly's UI.
  • Increased monetization: With add-ons, provide additional services/products to customers, driving up revenue.
  • Streamlined operations: A well-structured plan simplifies operations and helps to track sales effectively.
  • Customer centric: Tailor your offerings to meet diverse customer needs with flexible plans and add-ons.

Key details


Plans are recurring billing products. They define the billing frequency and the product's base price, allowing businesses to create a revenue model that provides consistent income.


Add-ons are additional features, services, or products that customers can purchase alongside their subscription plan. They provide an opportunity to upsell and drive additional revenue.

Item catalog

An Item Catalog is a collection of the sellable units of a business. This can include standalone products, services, or even add-ons. It provides a convenient way to manage all your offerings in one place.