Billing preferences

Optimize your billing strategy with Recurly's versatile Billing Preferences.


Required plan

This feature is available to all customers on any Recurly subscription plan.


Billing Preferences refer to the set of rules and settings that dictate how a business charges its customers. This includes the frequency of billing, the alignment with calendar dates, handling of shipping details, and the verification of billing information. With these tools, businesses can ensure accuracy, flexibility, and transparency in their billing processes.

Key details

Subscription billing terms

Establish clear and consistent billing terms for your subscriptions to ensure customers understand the payment structure.

Calendar billing

Synchronize your billing cycles with calendar dates to simplify record-keeping and financial tracking.

Shipping fees

Customize and update shipping fees as needed according to the product, location, or other specified criteria.

Verify billing info

Maintain transactional integrity by verifying that billing information is accurate and current for each transaction.

Authorization and capture

Utilize secure processes to authorize payment methods and accurately capture payments, safeguarding both the customer and the business.