User Management

Every user in your organization can have a Recurly account appropriate to their role. Adding, modifying, or removing users is a simple process in the Recurly admin console.

Roles & Permissions

Recurly segments the admin console into different areas of access for maximum user control. You can assign a user to one or more role permissions for the appropriate site access. Users will not be able to see or access navigation menu items or pages they do not have access for.

This user role manages their company's billing information and user accounts.
This user role has access to view and edit Webhooks, API, Recurly.js, and Transparent Post Credentials.
Customer Service
This user role has access to view and edit accounts, invoices, and transactions. They can view (but not edit) subscription plans:
This user role has access to view and export all data under Reports.
This user role has access to view and edit Company Settings, Email Templates, Site Settings, Payment Gateway, Hosted Payments Pages, Coupons, Dunning Management, Mailchimp Integration and Salesforce integration.

Adding Users

Inside your Users control panel, click Invite User to access the invitation page. Enter in a user’s email address and select their permissions. Your user will be sent an email to log in and configure their name and password.

Editing Permissions

Click Edit next to a user’s account to modify their permission level. Permission changes will take effect immediately.

Removing Users

Click Remove next to a user’s account to revoke their Recurly site access. Revocation occurs immediately.

Your User Account

In the top right of your Recurly site, click on your name to enter your user account. From here you can modify your password, name, email address or timezone. You can also update your email preferences for official Recurly email notifications.

Accessing Multiple Recurly Sites

You can create multiple Recurly sites for production and testing. Go to to set up the new test site. You will need to use an alternate email address to sign up, but can add your existing Recurly email address as a user so the test site will appear in a drop down, enabling easy site switches.