Wordline (Bambora)

Enhance your Recurly setup with Bambora's versatile and secure payment processing. Bambora is now known as Worldline.


Required plan

This feature or setting is available to all customers on any Recurly subscription plan.


Bambora, now Worldline, a global payment gateway, allows businesses to accept payments online or through mobile apps. Integrate it with your Recurly subscription billing to make the process seamless, secure, and efficient.

Note: Visit our guide on testing your gateway configurations in Recurly to ensure your payment processes are set up correctly.

Key details

Feature FieldDescription / Availability
Services that work with RecurlyPayment Gateway
Supported OperationsPurchase, Refund, Validate, and Void
Supported Payment TypesCredit Card, Debit Card
Supported Card BrandsVisa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diners Club
Gateway Specific 3DS2 SupportedNo
Card on File SupportedYes
RegionsNorth America
CurrenciesUSD & CAD

Configuring Recurly with Bambora

To integrate Recurly with your Bambora / Worldline account, the following credentials are required:

  • API username, also known as a Merchant ID
  • Username
  • API password

These credentials are configured within your Bambora account under Administration → Account Settings → Order Settings → Use username/password validation against transaction.

You must enable this option by checking the corresponding checkbox, then create a unique username and password.

Note: The API user for Recurly is distinct from the normal user accounts configured in the Bambora User Manager. This distinction is significant as the API user credentials are indispensable for the proper authentication. Utilizing regular login details may temporarily work for certain transactions, but potential issues may arise unless the appropriate API credentials are implemented. To properly configure these credentials, it is recommended to consider reaching out to Bambora's Customer Experience team. Following their guidance, update your Bambora configuration in Recurly accordingly.

Accepting American Express transactions

Please note: For Canadian merchants, American Express restricts the acceptance of USD transactions through American Express unless you maintain an entity located within the United States.

Integrating Bambora with Recurly

Step 1: Gather Bambora API credentials from your Bambora gateway account.

Step 2: Configure Recurly with Bambora credentials

  • Log in to your Recurly account.
  • Navigate to Configuration → Payment Gateways.
  • Click on the Add payment gateway button and select Bambora from the list.
  • Enter the User and Password that you generated in Step 1.
  • Select the Accepted card types you wish to accept from your customers.
  • Under Accepted currencies, ensure you have entered a unique Merchant ID for every currency you have access to process. You will need a unique Merchant ID for each accepted currency when using Bambora.
  • Select the Card types you wish to accept a Zero Dollar Authorization with. This is useful when adding Billing Information to verify CVV and AVS data for your customers without processing a transaction.
  • Click Add payment gateway.

Step 3: Verify the integration

  • After configuring Bambora in Recurly, run a test transaction to ensure everything is working as expected. You can also click ‘Test Configuration’ against your Bambora setup in the ‘Payment Gateways’ page by choosing ‘Options >> Test configuration”.
  • If the test transaction is successful, this confirms that the integration is properly set up.

Step 4: Resolve American Express limitation for Canadian merchants

  • If you are a Canadian merchant who needs to accept USD American Express transactions, ensure you have an entity located within the United States.
  • Contact American Express to set up the necessary arrangements.

Step 5: Consult Bambora documentation for advanced settings

  • For additional security or specific features, consult Bambora's documentation.
  • Follow the documentation to set up additional settings such as fraud prevention tools, address verification settings, etc.

Step 6: Contact Bambora's customer experience team for assistance (if needed)

  • If you encounter any issues or need further assistance with the setup, don’t hesitate to contact Bambora's Customer Experience team.

Step 7: Monitor and manage transactions

  • Regularly check your Recurly and Bambora dashboards to monitor transactions, manage disputes, and ensure smooth operation.

This step-by-step process section is designed to guide the user in a detailed and orderly fashion on how to integrate Bambora as a payment gateway with Recurly. It starts from gathering the necessary credentials from Bambora, configuring them in Recurly, and verifying the integration through test transactions. The steps also guide users on how to resolve issues specific to Canadian merchants using American Express and where to seek additional help if needed.