Trial Performance

Trial Performance

Learn more about the performance of your subscription trials. Monitor conversion rates and track why customers don’t convert.

What's included in the report?

The first part of this report tracks your site's trial conversion rate over time.

  • Trial Conversion Rate = (Trial subscriptions that converted to paid at any time / trial subscriptions that started during the selected date range) * 100.
  • Converted means the subscription moved from a free trial to a paid subscription. For example, a free trial period ends, the subscription remains active, and your customer pays an amount greater than $0. Set up fees, which are charges while the customer is in trial, are not included in this consideration for converted.
  • This report does not track the state of the subscription after conversion.
  • The date range and interval picker impact the date the subscription started in trial.
  • Note that the trial conversion rate for a month does not mean that all subscriptions in trial converted to paid in that month, it simply means that the denominator of the equation is all subscriptions that started in trial in that month

This report also tracks the status of subscriptions that started in trial in the selected date range/ interval. Only subscriptions that started with a trial are included in this section. Those subscriptions may be in one of the following states:

  • Converted: The subscription ended trial and successfully converted to paid.
  • Canceled: The subscription was canceled.
  • No Billing Info: The customer never entered billing information.
  • Payment Failed: Customer entered billing information, and the trial churned after failing to collect payment.
  • Pending: A temporary state of subscriptions that started in trial and have not yet converted or churned. This includes subscriptions that are still in trial, subscriptions that have an invoice "in dunning" after trial and those that have been billed but are paying $0 and thus have not converted to "Paid" (example: subscriptions with a 100% coupon or paying with a gift card).

Ways to use

  • Monitor trial conversion rates over time and the impact of conversion efforts on those rates.
  • Compare trial conversion rates across different subscription plans.
  • Understand the reasons trial subscriptions do not convert.
  • Track the progress of subscriptions from trial to conversion over time.

Note: This report includes data about subscriptions created from January 2016 and after.



This report is only available to merchants on Recurly’s Professional, Elite, and Enterprise Plans. Please contact Support if you are interested in access to this Report.