Redfast integration

Drive action across your in-app subscriber lifecycle with Recurly's integration with Redfast.


Required plan

This feature is only available to customers on the Professional and/or Elite subscription plan. To request to upgrade to this plan, please reach out to your Recurly account manager or [email protected] for more details.

Additional Cost

This feature or setting requires an additional cost. Please reach out to your Recurly account manager or [email protected] for more pricing details.

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Drive action across your in-app subscriber lifecycle
Redfast is a platform that delivers real-time, personalized messages across web, mobile, and TV based on users’ behavior, allowing B2C companies to guide their customers to take actions that will drive acquisition, retention, and upselling. Your best chance to get your subscribers' attention is when they’re actively using your product.

Key benefits

Meet your subscribers where they are
Engaged subscribers are more loyal and profitable. Your best chance to get your subscribers' attention is when they’re actively using your product. With Recurly’s lifecycle engagement tool (powered by Redfast), growth and product teams can finally take control of the in-app subscriber journey, through a personalized experience that keeps users coming back and getting the most value out of their subscription.

New here? Get your trial offer. [drive acquisition]
You’ve used 3 of your 5 movie passes. Book more now. [drive product adoption and engagement]
You’ve hit 10 workouts! Upgrade to try advanced ones. [drive upsells]
Want to cancel? Here’s a survey and discount to stay. [combat churn]

Key details

  • Minimal dev lift and easy to implement: Growth and product teams can drive engagement and subscriber journey prompts without waiting for engineering resources.
  • Real-time and cross-platform: Don’t wait for that scheduled email to go out, deliver real-time prompts based on actions and segments across desktop and mobile web, iOS, Android, Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV, and Samsung TV. No other platform offers TV device support.
  • Predict and prevent churn: Predict users likely to cancel and create personalized cancellation flows to save them.
  • Subscription changes with 1-click: With only 1-click from your subscribers, automatically make changes to their subscription in Recurly (ie. add-ons, pause, change plans, apply coupons).
    A/B test and analyze what’s working: Easily A/B test unlimited variations to drive conversions and optimize revenue.
  • Drive engagement across your subscriber’s lifecycle: Prompt your customers at every phase of their journey, from acquisition to renewals, upgrading, and cancellation.

Implementation guide

To connect your Recurly site to Redfast, use the provisioning flow within Recurly App found under Integrations → Redfast.

Information and connection

Enter the following information:

  1. Account Details
    1. Company name: the name of your business
    2. Hostname: the hostname where your customer-facing application is located
  2. Point of Contact
    1. First/Last Name and email of the person who will be owning or configuring the Redfast account. An email will be sent to this email address when configured.

When submitting your account to sign up for Redfast, this will provision an account in Redfast. Expect a welcome email from Redfast sent to the email address provided, which includes a link to complete the setup in the Redfast platform.

Recurly will also generate an API key during the process that can be found on the API Credentials page in Recurly App’s Integrations section. This will automatically be sent to Redfast and pre populate on your newly created Redfast instance. Management of your API key used for Redfast will be completed on the APi Credentials page.

Enable Automated Exports

Redfast will utilize Recurly’s automated exports, and therefore you need to ensure that your automated exports are enabled. To enable automated exports, go into the Recurly App admin console, under Integrations > Automated Exports.

Enable the latest version of the following exports:

  1. Billing Info v6
    1. Filter on "Modified Yesterday"
  2. Invoices - Summary v5
    1. Filter on "Modified Yesterday"
  3. Subscriptions v5
    1. Filter on "Modified Yesterday"

Configure Redfast

To get started, complete your site configuration within the Redfast platform, including adding the Redfast key to your Google Tag Manager.

Build your segments, prompts, and guides within Redfast to display purposeful messaging to specific groups of customers. For complete directions on Redfast configuration, visit the Redfast Documentation. You need to be logged in to Redfast to access the documentation.

Recurly merchants will have two guides prebuilt, as well as segments created. The two guides included are:

  1. Cancel Save guide: offer a cancellation flow including a survey tied to save offers to reduce voluntary churn in the moment a customer is looking to cancel a subscription.
  2. Failed Payment guide: notify a customer of a failed payment, to have them take action to update their billing information, which recovers failed invoices, ensures subscription continuity, and reduces involuntary churn.

Syncing Recurly Data

Recurly data will be synced to Redfast for use in building out offers. This includes plan and coupon data. In order to keep plan and coupon data in sync, there is a step to take anytime that a new plan or coupon is created.

To force a sync, navigate to Redfast -> Settings -> Integrations -> External -> Recurly. Uncheck the active checkbox, save, then recheck it, which forces a refresh

Helpful resources

Learn more about Redfast by visiting these resources:

Recurly's subscriber engagement solutions


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Q: What is Redfast and how does Redfast work?
Redfast is a no-code platform that presents prompts to customers when using the merchant application. It utilizes Google Tag Manager (GTM) and a Redfast JS token on the merchant web page, or SKDs or mobile apps.

Q: What is a prompt?
A prompt refers to content or behavior that is presented to users within one or more segments.

Q: What is a guide?
A guide is a collection of prompts that appear one after another.

Q: What segmentation is available in Redfast?
Recurly subscriber data can be used for driving segmentation across prompts and guides to target the message to your unique subscribers.

Q: How do I monitor the success of the prompts displayed to customers?
Redfast offers robust analytics to measure prompt performance. Recurly analytics can provide insight into the effectiveness of the overall strategy using Recurly Built-In Benchmarks. We are evaluating pulling data from Redfast into Recurly Analytics.

Q: What if a merchant does not use Google Tag Manager?
Adobe, Tealium or GTM are the tag options out of the box. Other tag managers can be used, and need to have tag script added to each page

Q: Does my Redfast API key count towards my API key limit?
Yes, the Redfast API key that is generated via the Recurly provisioning flow will utilize one of your API keys. If you need additional API keys, contact sales to increase your limit.