Companies serving broad geographic regions can benefit greatly by letting their customers pay in their local currency. Recurly makes it easy to offer your plans in multiple currencies so that your customers can choose their preferred denomination.

Recurly presents the currency amount specified by you and submits the transaction to your payment gateway in the same currency. Your merchant account may settle the transaction in a different currency, e.g. US Dollars for US companies.

Recurly does not perform currency conversion.


Multi Currency support is available in the Recurly Enterprise edition. You may run transactions in more than one currency through one or more payment gateways that accept the currencies you wish to collect.


  1. Once Multi Currency support is enabled on your Recurly account, you can then specify which currencies you want to accept for your account. When a currency is added to your accepted list, you may then define pricing for your subscription plans and coupons using the new currency.

  2. After configuring the currencies you accept, update your existing subscription plans with pricing in all your currencies. When editing pricing, you can define prices independently by currency.

  3. Finally, verify the currencies you accept are supported by your configured payment gateways. The Currencies Configuration page displays the currencies supported by your current gateway configuration.

Specifying a Currency

Hosted Payment Pages

If you accept multiple currencies, the hosted payment pages will default to the most appropriate currency for your customer, based on their country. The customer’s country is determined with an automatic geo-IP address lookup. The customer may select a different currency before completing the order. If the most appropriate currency is not available, we will use to your default currency.


Recurly.js forms accept a currency parameter so you can specify the currency when creating a new subscription or transaction. Please see the Recurly.js documentation for more information.


All requests made to the API with a monetary amount must also specify a currency. This includes:

Supported Currencies


All charges and credits on an invoice will be in the same currency. Because Recurly does not perform currency conversion, Recurly will not combine charges of different currencies on the same invoice.


When a new subscription starts, the currency is saved on the subscription level. You may not change the currency of the subscription after the subscription has started: you must terminate the subscription and start another one in its place.

Multi Currency and Payment Gateway Support

Some gateways may require that you open additional accounts in order to collect additional currencies. Because currency support varies by payment gateway, please contact your gateway for more information specific to your account.