Monthly Recurring Revenue

Track total Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) and MRR changes to evaluate business growth and revenue momentum.

Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR)

The Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) Report measures the predictable revenue a business can expect on a monthly basis. MRR is not the same as reportable GAAP revenue and should not be treated as such.

What’s included in the report?

The MRR calculation incorporates all invoiced recurring charges, credits and refunds from active subscriptions. You can tell whether or not a charge has been included in MRR if the line item associated with that charge has a start and end date on the invoice

Some examples of adjustments that are included:

  • Subscription and subscription add-on amounts
  • Manual recurring charges
  • Proration credit from a subscription downgrade/upgrade
  • Refund of a subscription amount
  • Invoiced one-time charges that have a start_date and end_date

The following are NOT included in the MRR calculation:

  • One-time charges without a start_date and end_date
  • One-time credits
  • Taxes
  • Usage based billing amounts

You have the option of whether or not you wish to include the following in the MRR calculation:

  • Recurring charges from failed invoices
  • Coupon discounts

See more in Analytics Settings

Revenue from non-monthly plans are normalized to represent the revenue by months.
If you process payments in more than one currency, you can view the MRR for recurring charges processed in each specific currency by choosing the currency in the currency toggle. The current MRR on the Dashboard aggregates across all charges and converts it into your primary currency.

Multi-currency support

  • Sites that support more than one currency will see a default view that shows total MRR across all currencies, converted to their primary currency and summed.
  • Conversion rates are updated daily (via Historical MRR use the conversion rate at time the charge was created and does not change over time for current conversion rates.

Ways to use

Often considered one of the most valuable metrics for a subscription business, this report can help answer questions like:

  • What revenue can I expect every month?
  • Is my revenue increasing or decreasing each month?
  • Am I hitting my monthly recurring revenue targets?

MRR Growth

The MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) Growth Report measures changes to MRR, over a selected time period. This change is reflected as net positive MRR or net negative MRR and is calculated as: (New MRR + Expansion MRR + Reactivation MRR) - (Churned MRR + Declined MRR).

What’s included in the report?

Please note that this report is calculated on a MONTHLY basis and individual customer events (such as subscription churn) throughout the month may not be immediately reflected in the report until the end of the month.

  • New MRR: MRR contributed by an account in this month when the account contributed $0 last month AND has never contributed MRR in the past.

  • Expansion MRR: A positive change in an account's contribution to MRR when compared to the previous month. Common reasons for Expansion MRR include: subscription upgrade, a coupon or credit being exhausted and causing the total subscription amount being paid to increase or an account adding a second subscription.

  • Reactivation MRR: MRR contributed by an account this month when the account contributed $0 in recurring revenue last month BUT has contributed >$0 sometime previous to last month. There must be a gap of at least one month where the account had $0 MRR prior to the reactivation. If a subscription was not added back to the same account, we will not be able to recognize it as "Reactivation."

  • Contraction MRR: A negative change in an account's contribution to MRR when compared to the previous month. Common reasons for Contraction MRR include: subscription downgrade, a refund, coupon or credit being applied to bring the subscription amount paid down or an account removing one of their multiple subscriptions.

  • Churned MRR: MRR that was contributed by an account LAST month when the account had now contributed $0 this month. This reflects the amount of MRR that was lost. Because we will not know whether an account will contribute MRR or not until the END OF THE MONTH, Churned MRR will not show up until the current month is complete.

  • Net MRR: (New MRR + Expansion MRR + Reactivation MRR) - (Churn MRR + Declined MRR).



The MRR Growth section of this report is only available to merchants on Recurly’s Professional, Elite, and Enterprise Plans. Please contact Support if you are interested in access to this section.