Early Access

EBANX gateway is currently in Early Access. Please reach out to your CSM or Recurly Support to enable this gateway.

EBANX is the LATAM gateway, allowing both international and locally-domiciled merchants to offer local card acquiring and alternative payments in the region’s top markets. With one connection, you can maximize approval rates, conversion rates, and total addressable market, so you can reach more consumers in Latin America.

Supported payment methods

  • Credit Cards
  • Debit Cards

Note: 3DS currently is not supported with EBANX gateway.

Ebanx setup
Ask for your EBANX sandbox environment and make sure you have all of the countries that you want from the current ones available. You will get both public and private keys for the sandbox environment.

Recurly setup

  1. On your Recurly Dashboard, add EBANX as your new gateway
  2. Configure the private integration key you get from EBANX
  3. Configure countries and currencies you want to accept
  4. Select card brands you want to accept
  5. Click "Add payment gateway" to save changes
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For testing please use can EBANX Test Credit Cards and Test Customer Data
After successfully testing all of the certification tests, you can notify EBANX so they can set up your production account.