CardConnect Payment Gateway Integration and Merchant Application documentation.


The CardConnect payment gateway offers merchants the ability to process credit card transactions, as well as sign up for a merchant account. It is available to merchants domiciled in the US and Canada.

Apply for a CardConnect payment processor account through Recurly and get an exclusive rate on processing services: interchange plus 0.10% + $0.10 per transaction.

Payment Gateway Setup

Configure your CardConnect payment gateway from within Recurly under Configuration > Payment Gateways. Enter the following information provided to you by CardConnect in the 'Credentials' section of the page:

  • Merchant ID
  • Username
  • Password

Enable the specific currencies and card brands you would like to support, and be sure to mark the gateway as 'Enabled for New Transactions'. This will allow you to start processing credit card transactions via your CardConnect gateway.

Integration Notes:

  • Closing your days transaction batch will set to automatic initially, and is configurable to meet your business needs.
  • Chargebacks are visible within the CardPointe application, with the ability to set up notifications and utilize First Data's chargeback support. All data about the customer and transaction are available in a single view.
  • The CardConnect gateway integration supports the Auth and Capture transaction flow.

Merchant Account Application

Merchants can sign up and apply for a CardConnect merchant account from within Recurly. Follow the link from the 'add CardConnect Gateway page'. You will be directed to a Hosted Application Page hosted by CardConnect in order to submit your merchant application.

Merchant Account Application Signup

Merchants can apply for a merchant account by following the steps outlined above. CardConnect is offering an exclusive rate for gateway and processing services to merchants who apply for a merchant account through Recurly.

CardConnect will process your merchant application with a minimum of 4 hour turnaround, with a 75% rate of automatic approval. Should your account need additional information or review, you will be contacted within 24 hours.

You will receive email updates from CardConnect on the status of your application. Please reach out to CardConnect if you have any questions while filling out the CardConnect merchant application, or regarding the status of your application.

Merchant Account Support

  • If you have an existing merchant account with CardConnect and would like to use this account with Recurly, please contact your CardConnect representative to modify your account information to be valid for use with Recurly.
  • If you would like to delete your CardConnect account, delete the payment gateway from within Recurly, and contact CardConnect to inactivate or delete your merchant account.
  • If you need support from CardConnect, please contact CardPointeSupport ([email protected], 877-828-0720, Opt 1, Opt 1) or through CoPilot merchant ticketing.

Moving Recurring Transactions to Recurly

If a merchant would like to migrate existing billing information from CardConnect into Recurly in order to process recurring transactions on the Recurly platform while still using CardConnect as your gateway, CardConnect and Recurly can help you with the transition. Please contact Recurly support to learn more.