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PrimeiroPay via Adyen

PrimeiroPay Product Documentation

If your business is looking to expand to Brazil, you need a local payment solution to help ensure your success. Recurly’s partnership with Adyen and PrimeiroPay empowers our merchants to process payments in Brazil with higher success rates and without the hassle of creating a local Brazilian entity or calculating VAT in Brazil.

Note: This feature is in Early Access so you will need to contact [email protected] to enable.

How to get started

Recurly in Brazil is available via our partnership with Adyen and PrimeiroPay. Merchants need a commercial agreement with both partners in order to go live. Recurly can facilitate introductions, please reach out to [email protected] when you’re ready to get started.

Merchants can begin configuration and testing while commercial conversations are in flight!

Technical Work

Your existing Recurly integration will work to enable payments in Brazil, but you will need to append some additional data.

CPF - This is a tax id field in Brazil and is required for creating billing information. Once the billing information is created, Recurly will securely store this data so that merchants don’t need to retain it going forward.

Tax Id Type - When creating a billing information, you’ll need to designate the tax identifier type as CPF.

These fields are outside of PCI scope and therefore can be sent via direct API. Recurly JS also supports encrypting this field. However, Recurly will store them encrypted for an additional layer of security.

For testing, please use the Elo test card provided by Adyen (

Any valid CPF will work for testing, here's are some examples you can use:

Adyen Configuration

You will need your merchant account and credentials from PrimeiroPay for Adyen to configure this payment method.

Also have Adyen configure Elo and Hipercard for your merchant account (if you're planning to accept these)

Adyen recommends having a separate MIDS for 0 dollar authorization v full authorizations. This can be accomplished via one Adyen merchant account and there is no additional work needed on the Recurly configuration. Please contact your Adyen representative if you'd like to pursue this setup.

Contact [email protected] and ask them to enable PrimeiroPay on your merchant account.

Recurly Configuration

Ask Recurly support to enable the PrimeiroPay feature flag "encrypted tax identifiers (Brazilian CPF numbers"
Ensure you have Adyen configured as a gateway
Enable BRL on your site
If you’d like to accept Brazil card brands Elo and Hipercard, enable them under your Adyen gateway.

Call Outs

This solution is specifically for major credit cards, debit cards, and two local card brands; ELO and Hipercard. Local payment methods (such as Boleto) are not supported at this time. Debit cards in Brazil usually require 3DS, which PrimeiroPay does not support yet. Some debit card traffic does not support 3DS and may go through, but we expect much lower authorization rates for debit cards in Brazil. Debit cards represent <5% of card traffic in Brazil, so merchants can confidently launch a credit card based Brazil payment solution.

Chargeback notifications are not sent from PrimeiroPay to Adyen, so you’ll need to get chargeback information directly from PrimeiroPay.

All verifications on PrimeiroPay will be sent as 0 BRL from Recurly to Adyen. Adyen then dynamically updates the amount to reflect the amount most likely to succeed in Brazil (currently, 6 BRL). Adyen will automatically cancel or refund (depending on your Adyen configuration) the transaction. This allows Recurly to use a consistent value while giving our merchants the best chance for a successful card verification.

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PrimeiroPay via Adyen

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