Hosted Account Management

Recurly allows you to white-label the entire subscription experience within your website, using our API. Alternatively, you may use our hosted account management pages to support your customers. These pages allow your customers to view their account status, update their billing information, download previous invoices, and cancel or reactivate their subscription.


Account management pages can be updated with a company logo through your Hosted Payment Pages Settings. Your Logout button link can be customized by setting your Company Website URL in your Site Settings.

Customer Access

Recurly Site

Your customers can access (where :your_subdomain is your Recurly site name) and log into their account management page with their email address and password. First time users will need to request a password for access.


Your Recurly emails can be customized with the account_hosted_maintenance_url parameter. This places a special URL in the email that the user can click on to enter their account directly. For more information on how modifying email templates works (and the available parameters) please visit our Email Templates documentation.


The account API also returns a parameter called hosted_login_token. This allows you to place a custom URL on your site that logs the user directly into their account (e.g., ). This is a more seamless integration option for your users. For more information regarding API, please visit the API doc here.

For example, when you query the API for a specific account, you will receive a XML document like the following:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<account href="">
  <adjustments href=" .. some url .. "/>
  <billing_info href=" .. some url .. "/>
  <invoices href=" .. some url .. "/>
  <subscriptions href=" .. some url .. "/>
  <transactions href=" .. some url .. "/>
  <accept_language nil="nil"></accept_language>
  <created_at type="datetime">2012-08-20T17:48:50Z</created_at>

The token is located at:


So in this case, the token is:


Then the hosted account management access url is:

Disabling Account Management Pages

Instead of linking to your account management pages, you may disable the pages entirely and embed all the functionality directly from your site. The hosted account pages may be disabled from the Hosted Payment Pages configuration within Recurly.