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Reporting (to be removed June 29, 2017)

Recurly's legacy Reporting will soon be removed and replaced entirely by Recurly Analytics


It has now been replaced by the new Analytics features

Most reports have data points that reveal additional details on hover. You can click and drag from data point to data point to narrow the report in to a specific timeframe.

Please note that reports are based off your timezone. Viewing reports in different timezones will change the data on the reports. To either see what your timezone is set to or change it, you can edit your profile.


Your dashboard is a great way to see what's happening at a glance. There are three separate overviews here:

  • Accounts
  • Transactions
  • Subscriptions

The accounts overview splits out your accounts by those with subscriptions, those without subscriptions and everyone with a closed account. This report shows the current state of your customers. For more details, you can go to the Accounts and Subscribers report.

For transactions, there's a simple graph and table that overviews every month's payments and refunds. If you would like to see more details, they can be found on the Transactions report.

Finally, at the bottom of the dashboard, there is an overview of your subscription plans and how many subscribers there are for each plan. The actual details for this overview are part of the Plans report.

Accounts and Subscribers

This report displays number of accounts and subscribers managed by Recurly over all time. For an export of the data used to generate this report, you can go to the Accounts page and click the Export button.


This report displays the number of subscribers for each subscription plan over all time. To export the details of this report, click Export in the Subscriptions view.

Recurring Revenue

The Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) report is a best effort approximation of your monthly recurring revenue. The MRR at a given point in time is calculated as sum of your recurring charges, normalized to a monthly interval.

This report is calculated as the sum of the subscription with add-ons and VAT, if applicable. One time charges, setup fees, pending subscription changes, and coupons are not included in the calculation.

Invoices has an Export that will give you the underlying data of this report.

Subscriber Retention

This report tracks your customer retention from month over month. Signup month indicates the date your customer became a subscriber and the numbered months indicate the percentage of subscribers in the cohort that continue to have active, auto-renewing subscriptions. While the default view displays retention across all plans, this report can be customized to display retention for specific plans.

Please note that the data of this report can change over time. Previous cohorts can change as subscriptions are canceled, changed and renewed. You can export the raw data by clicking Export on the Subscriptions view.


This report displays the amount of transactions and refunds processed on a given day. You can export the data in this report by clicking the export button.

As always, if you'd like to calculate the numbers in this report yourself, you can export all the raw data. Go to the Transactions view and click Export to get it.

Reporting (to be removed June 29, 2017)

Recurly's legacy Reporting will soon be removed and replaced entirely by Recurly Analytics