The Analytics Dashboard, which includes 10 key performance indicators, provides an overview of the state of your subscription business at a glance.


The Dashboard helps you keep a pulse on what is going on in your business. It is segmented into 3 key sections: Customers, Subscriptions and Revenue.


The Customers section includes the following:

  • Subscribers: Current count of unique subscribers that have at least one active, canceled or paused subscription. This includes subscribers with a subscription in trial.

  • Net Subscriber Change: Shows the number of new subscribers, returning subscribers (Professional, Elite, and Enterprise Plans only) and churned subscribers and the Net positive or negative change over the last 6 months. This chart uses the same logic as the Subscriber Growth report.

  • Subscriber Churn Rate: Number of subscribers who churned in the previous month divided by the number of active subscribers at the beginning of the previous month

  • Subscriber Lifetime Value (LTV): The estimated average lifetime value of each subscriber, based on discounted cash flows. This value is converted into the site's primary currency.

  • Subscriber LTV = ARPS (1 + d) / d + Churn Rate
    ARPS = Average revenue per subscriber (MRR at the end of the month/ # of active subscribers at the end of the month). A subscriber is anyone with at least 1 subscription.
    Churn rate = Calculation used above.
    d = discount rate. This constant is commonly used when looking at future revenue. It takes into account market, financial and other risks as well as the time value of money. Using a discount rate helps you understand: In today’s dollars, what are future dollars worth? We have used a discount rate of 10%.

Note: We use a discount rate of 10% because this is a generally accepted value for SaaS companies. (see: https://www.forentrepreneurs.com/discount-rate-for-dcf/)

Company X has an MRR at the end of August of $555,000. This is found in the Monthly Recurring Revenue Report.
Company X has 5,000 total subscribers at the end of August. This is found in the Subscribers Report.
Company X has a Subscriber Churn rate in August of 3.5%. This is found on the Dashboard. The average Subscriber LTV of Company X's subscribers can be calculated as such: Subscriber LTV = ($555,000/ 5,000) (1 + 0.1) / (0.1 + .035), which equals ~$904


The Subscriptions sections displays two charts:

  • Current total subscriptions, including in trial, in all plans. This total is broken down by the top 5 plans and "All Others."
  • Subscription Growth of your current Top 5 Plans over the last 6 months


The Revenue section includes the following:

  • Average Revenue per Customer: Sum of all billings/ # of unique customers contributing to that sum.
    Billings = Payments minus Refunds, including from new subscriptions, recurring subscriptions, one time transactions and manual transactions.
    A customer is defined as any account that has contributed revenue during the selected time range. This could be a subscriber but does not have to be if a business accepts one time transactions. This does not include free trial subscribers.
    This value is converted into the site's primary currency.

  • MRR Snapshot: Calculated by summing charges from active subscriptions and normalizing for month. This value is converted into the site's primary currency. Please see MRR for more information about how this metric is calculated.

  • Recovered Revenue: The money that Recurly recovers for your business that would otherwise be lost to failed transactions. This value is converted into the site's primary currency.